Who is Purple Voodoo?


Catherine Harrison, founder and principal of Purple Voodoo, has more than 22 years corporate leadership experience in sales, business information, coaching, training and development .  She has hired, developed and promoted hundreds of sales and marketing professionals during her commercial leadership career, and has been a guest lecturer at O.I.S.E, University of Toronto, on the topic of leadership.  Catherine is a musician and an artist, and believes in the power of positive energy.  She has produced, promoted and performed at multiple philanthropic fundraising concerts with Purple Voodoo Productions.

Catherine’s experience as a business professional and an artist provides a unique perspective on realizing strategic, creative and progressive outcomes. This perspective enables Purple Voodoo to provide authentic and straightforward  cultivation of ideas and solutions for individuals, small businesses, or large corporations. Catherine is a certified professional coach and expert facilitator. All of her work has an underlying focus on mindfulness, presence and accountability. Additionally, as an Authorized Actionable Partner, Purple Voodoo helps you embed learning, measure outcomes, and drive continued engagement with a robust sustainability platform called Actionable Conversations™

The Purple Voodoo Team consists of carefully selected, experienced professionals with diverse and complementary competencies, including Sales and Marketing, Adult Learning, Measurement and Assessment, Graphic Design, Information Technology, and Strategic Planning and Communications.