You run a successful business. Your employees are engaged and motivated to do their best work.

In our current age of disruption and distraction, you and your team feel connected, proficient, inspired, and grounded. They are productive, agile and efficient. They exhibit accountability and collaborative teamwork.

Your customers notice. You feel confident, competent, in touch – you are making a difference.

Human behaviour and business results are more interconnected than you think.

We do performance and change leadership, measurement and assessment. You don’t need another program. You need to A.I.M. + Sustain.

       We help individuals, small businesses, and large corporations.


We know it can be better

(we’ve seen a lot of disconnected ‘one-and-done’ routines and know how to change it)

We’ve been there

(we are a team of seasoned corporate professionals with a proven track record)

Real change isn’t about the content.

(We help you Activate Integrate Measure + Sustain)

We put human perspective at the centre of every change.

We talk a lot about brain science and mindset because you can’t drive performance change without understanding what drives human behaviour.

You get to do meaningful work that has impact and lasting power.

We define it.

What do you want?



We design it.

How might you get it?

We deliver it.

We do it, or help you do it.


Why invest anything if you don’t want something to change?

Performance isn’t just about checking items off a list – it’s about the big picture, and whether or not you’re hitting your long term goals.

Improvement needs to be sustained and measured for lasting impact.

Activate Integrate Measure + Sustain