Why Purple Voodoo?

Our Approach

You run a successful business. Your employees are engaged and motivated to do their best work. They are productive and efficient. They exhibit accountability and collaborative teamwork. Your customers notice. You feel confident, competent, in touch – you feel like a leader. In our current “age of distraction”, you and your teams feel organized, proficient, inspired, and grounded.

You work with Purple Voodoo.

Purple represents the unique blend of the primary colours, red & blue, symbolizing the balance between reason and creativity, logic and passion, art and science.

Voodoo is a spiritual practice that celebrates individual accountability within the context of organizational responsibility.

Purple Voodoo helps you and your team connect, create and communicate more effectively. Our straightforward, simple, and engaging approach facilitates insightful learning and well articulated action plans to help you and your teams realize your full potential. Leveraging proven and emerging neuroscience, we root out mindset that drives behaviour and incite changes that impact results. We strive to disrupt the ‘soft skills’ status quo and shift the investment perspective from cost centre to organizational imperative, driving individuals and teams to account for sustainable and meaningful change.