Our Approach


Change is everywhere. Most organizations pay attention when the impacts are large and predictable, but, in reality, the size of a change is not a good determinant of its impact. Every solution will include a waterfall of changes that affect people directly and indirectly.

Planning for and facilitating these changes, starting before the initiative even begins, is foundational to our partnership. We measure change adoption and use those insights in real-time to address support needs, mitigate obstacles, and build resilience to keep the organization functioning at its highest level.


We measure everything, always. Measurement supports every stage of the solution – from ensuring the right opportunities are pursued, linking design to measurable outcomes, tracking behaviour changes through implementation, to having a real-time feedback mechanism that allows us to anticipate and respond to needs before and as they arise.

For our clients, the priority focus of measurement translates into tangible ROI, real-time line of sight into the impacts of their solutions at each stage, and a more complete picture of organizational health.


We start with sustainment. Sustainment is about what happens in the field and on-the-job; it’s about the behaviours and activities that affect operational measures and impact organizational metrics. No matter the content or platform of the solution, sustainment (“how this will be done on the job”) is where we begin, and our designs are reverse-engineered from that desired state.

The idea that learning must happen in context underlies our approach to sustainment. We use what you have in place, the demands of a given role, the projects underway, to build intentional opportunities to leverage new knowledge/skills/processes supported by strong coaching and development activities.