About Catherine

Catherine Harrison, President and Client Lead, has decades of experience as both a corporate professional and a multi-disciplinary artist. This gives her a unique perspective on realizing strategic, creative, and progressive outcomes, and enables Purple Voodoo to provide authentic and straightforward cultivation of ideas and solutions for individuals, small businesses, or large corporations. Catherine is a certified professional coach, expert facilitator, behaviour change specialist, seasoned team leader and strategic connector of dots. All of her work has an underlying focus on mindfulness, adaptability and accountability.

We help you and your team connect, create and communicate more effectively.

Leveraging proven and emerging neuroscience, we focus on fundamental behaviour shifts that, when integrated, applied and sustained, impact desired results. We strive to disrupt the ‘soft skills’ status quo and shift your investment perspective from cost centre to organizational imperative, driving individuals and teams to account for sustainable and meaningful change.

Our thoughtful, straightforward and engaging approach guides participants through the process of discovery, awareness, identification of clear goals and objectives, and creation of well-articulated strategic action plans. We help you and your teams navigate the ever-changing demands of your workplace. We:

  • Help you identify gaps & opportunities
  • Plan a strategy to make it happen
  • Co-create and deliver solutions
  • Measure it and make it stick

What we believe

We believe that less is more. All initiatives should include explicit expectations regarding accountability and sustainability. We believe in the fluid balance of art and science, and the need to observe and leverage both. We believe in open, transparent, authentic partnerships, and that dynamic shifts in perspective drive meaningful change.

Purple Voodoo is first and foremost a custom house: we leverage in-house depth and breadth of expertise to recommend, design, and co-create programming that is custom-created for the client it serves, because we know that no two clients are the same. This level of customization requires us to know exactly what it’s like to be one of you. It requires us to work ‘from the inside out’, and partner with you every step of the way.

Working from the inside out is a cornerstone of our practice, enabling authentic partnership and the precise application of our expertise to your specific needs. We do this by orienting ourselves as consultants first. Before being coaches, facilitators, or relationship managers, we are all consultants.

As Purple Voodoo consultants, we are constantly developing and refining our understanding of the client and see every interaction as an opportunity to gather more insight. We want to know where you’ve come from and where you’re going, what you’ve tried, where you’ve succeeded, and how you’ve been challenged. We want to know how you interpret your history and your present, what you see for your future, and the ways you define value. What keeps you up at night? What gets you excited in the morning? What are the best and worst things that could happen to your organization? Who wants to work with you? Who do you want on your team? We crave nuance and reject assumptions.

We are not about imposing structure or best practices just because they are ‘objectively’ the best. Instead, we recognize that what is truly ‘the best’ is context-dependent—that is, defined by your organization, your environment, and your vision. By understanding your world completely, we strike the perfect balance between theory and practice, and develop solutions that actually work.

This is why we are all consultants. Because the product doesn’t matter if it isn’t used. Because ‘best practice’ leadership is irrelevant if nobody buys in. Because the ‘best’ structure isn’t the best if the team is disengaged. We know that the validity of a solution is defined by its value to you.